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What is a Revolution?

What could we do that has never been done before in a place so vast as the internet?

What could we say that has never been said, create what has never been created?

Introducing Like4: media, design, forums, and literature. (in good time)

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That Time of Year Again

Almost four years online.

Time flies.

As I write this, it is already three months into 2007. For many of us, more than half of our first year of college is already over.

Who would have thought...?

Some of you out there probably remember this day, last year, the first day of March. (And if you don't, scroll down.) March 1, 2006 was not a day to be remembered for what happened, but rather what did not happen. This, I think it's safe to now say, was most unfortunate.

From the very first day our original 'coming soon' splash page hit the web, we had a shared ambition of creating a web experience that was important to us -- that is to say, something that we felt would be personal and meaningful for our dedicated readers (all four of you); something to brighten up your days filled with homework and nonsense.

Alas, March 1 last year was not the right time, and I regret to say, the same can be said of today. We have learned our lesson this time: no more dates, no more promises we can't keep. I will say one thing, but it can hardly be counted as a revelation: we still do have ideas for Like4 and we are still working (but slowly) to put these ideas into motion. It is my sincerest hope, that this time next year, I won't be using this space to apologize once again.

In one year's time a lot can change, I know a lot has for me.

I haven't forgotten Like4, however, and I hope you haven't too. No matter how silly, random, or plain stupid (but don't push me) the posts on our forums get, I still do enjoy hearing whatever it is you have to say. It is comforting, after all, to know that some things will always stay the same.

With that said, I look forward to another year online. I hope that you will join me.

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